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Jason Eden
2 min readMay 16, 2023


So a Couple of Things Have Happened Since December 2022…

Nothing better than mixing your sci-fi memes, amirite?!!?

OK, I’m not really *back* back, but I am popping back in for a couple of relevant updates for this blog audience:

  • As of last week, I have officially turned in all of my M.S. Health Data Science school work, and as of yesterday it has all been graded. I am happy to report I have officially passed! Just waiting on the transcript update.
  • I have accepted a part-time adjunct faculty position with my school and will be teaching online courses in programming, data management, and data science topics for future students in the program.
  • Relatedly, a rare sighting of me in a sports coat:

The world has dramatically changed since December 2022 in terms of the conversation around AI/ML. ChatGPT launched as I was finishing up my capstone project on BLOOM, and in the months that followed has taken the world by storm. I’m still thinking through what my public activity will look like (if any) post-graduation, since now there seems to be more activity — and noise — than ever before in this space. The world will look very different in six months than it does today.

On a professional note: If you have been thinking about making a serious move in this direction career-wise (and I strongly recommend at least considering it if you haven’t already), you should seriously consider checking out the online M.S. HDS program at Saint Louis University. This is a program designed for health-focused careers, and as such is geared heavily towards practical application. There is still a fair amount of statistics and theory along the way, but it’s not overwhelming if you’re someone who is willing to dig in and learn. For me, the 100% online option was a major draw, but there are in-person versions of all classes as well if you prefer.

I’m still technically on a break from blogging and such, but as I warned in December, I may pop back from time to time if I feel like I can provide specific value to the overall conversation. In the meantime, I’d like to thank the organic, internal version of ChatGPT between my ears for composing this blog post for me. Not bad, although Bard probably would have been a little more concise.



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