Data Science, Big Data, & Cloud nerd with a focus on healthcare & a passion for making complex topics easier to understand. All thoughts are mine & mine alone.


  • Abhishek Pratap Singh

    Abhishek Pratap Singh

    Senior Vice President Engineering,Architecture, Cloud , Big Data & Security at DBS Bank | Open Source Contributor | Influencer |

  • Andrew Riley

    Andrew Riley

  • Valerie Carey

    Valerie Carey

    Data Scientist /business analyst. In love with all things analytics. Interested in AI ethics, credibility, trust. Proud to work at Paychex; opinions are my own.

  • Pranjal Mittal

    Pranjal Mittal

    #OregonState and #IIT BHU alum. Loves to code.

  • Francesco Dallanoce

    Francesco Dallanoce

    Computer Science Engineer 🖥️ | Data Scientist 🧠l Python lovers🐍 | Excited to learn every day

  • shubhraghosh


    tech chef bumblebee

  • Rizky Maulana Nurhidayat

    Rizky Maulana Nurhidayat

    Python Programmer || Data Scientist || Bayesian Astronomer

  • Slavoljub Petkovic

    Slavoljub Petkovic

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